7 Ft. Real Christmas Tree

Hi! I’m a seven-foot tree. I am a sight to be seen, a Christmas Tree to rival any size. There is no Australian Celebrity that can be compared to me – I am a star in my own right.

I work best in larger spaces, houses, townhouses and businesses alike. But if your apartment or studio has a tall roof I can also be just right. With my large size I am the focal point of any room I find myself in.

I am a little heavier to transport and carry so definitely a two-person job – using a trolley, or lots of hands can also quicken my moving from outside to in. Leave me in a spot with space around me, above and beside, so I can settle and grace you with the full glory of my girth.

Fill me with as many decorations as you can find! I can take it, all of them, any colour combo, all of the lights and the largest tree topper you can manage. I might require a step or two to reach my top so please practice safety when dressing me.

The best part about me: I really am the star of the show. Christmas is all about the sparkle, and I can be covered in it head to toe, to make me the glorious center piece of your families Christmas Celebrations.

** We have sold out of trees for 2020 and look forward to seeing you next year! **