6 Ft. Real Christmas Tree

Hi! I am a six-foot tree. The middle child of The Christmas Tree range, I am slightly mightier than some, but not as much work as others can be. Coming in just shorter than Hugh Jackman, but the Christmas Tree Shop also deliver smaller and taller than me, so let’s see if I am the right tree for you.

I am perfect for apartments to houses or studios too – give me a place to shine and I will do all the hard work for you. From corners, to spare walls, to filling empty window space, I am the right size to create an impact without taking up too much room in your home.

A little heavier than the 5-foot I am still quite manageable, but if needed using a trolley or two sets of hands can help. I need a little more room to breathe in the house, so check my head will have space from the roof and that my width will be open wide to give me the best chance at life.

The best part about me: Who said being in the middle wasn’t good? I am still accessible for small hands yet sturdy enough to stand strong until Christmas with a presence that will create impact until the 25th arrives.

** We have sold out of trees for 2020 and look forward to seeing you next year! **