5 Ft. Real Christmas Tree

Hi! I’m a five-foot tree. I am perfect for all size homes (and easy to carry). I am just smaller than Kylie Minogue, but The Christmas Tree Shop also deliver much larger than me, so lets see if I am the right tree for you.

I fit well where spaces are tight; apartments, studios or any chosen small space you need me to shine. Maybe you need a tree for your kitchen or bedroom then I am just the perfect size – order one for each room of me, water me well and I will last until Christmas making each room a treat!

I am lightweight, so easy for people with limited mobility requiring a tree, and smaller in girth, so I won’t take up too much space or need more than a specially selected corner. Easier to carry up stairs or from room to room as needed once delivered fresh to your door.

As a five-foot Christmas Tree I don’t require as many decorations, but I will take all you can give me. My smaller size can aid smaller helpers to assist with the decorating and dressing too.

The best part about me: Putting the Star on my head at the end of decorating is a feat much more achievable for all members of the family (even if a little boost might still be needed!)

** We have sold out of trees for 2020 and look forward to seeing you next year! **