How to choose the right Christmas tree for your home

Before Christmas sneaks up on you, we at “The Christmas Tree Shop” have but one job we need you to complete to help us make it the best one yet! In order to select the freshest and best Christmas Tree for your home we require the measurements of your ceiling height. These measurements will ensure the correct size tree can be quickly and conveniently delivered to your door. It’s not rocket science but accuracy is required to help you successfully nail “The Art of Christmas!” Here’s some tried and tested tips to help you out.

Measuring a Christmas tree


Christmas Trees are measured in feet so it will be best to use a tape measure that has this metric system to get the correct height. If one is not readily available conversions can be made through the following link:

Tree stand

It is important when selecting the correct size to take into consideration all items required to set up your Christmas Tree. A key item is the Christmas Tree stand; remember to factor in its height when selecting your tree. (The measurements for “The Christmas Tree Shop” stand are readily available on our website.)

Tree topper

What Christmas Tree would be complete without the decorations? To avoid your prized decoration missing out on its chance to shine this Christmas make sure you add into the measurements the size of the planned tree topping star/angel


Always allow enough space for the girth of the Christmas Tree when choosing the location it will occupy. Remember they are living and breathing and will appreciate enough space to comfortably spread their fir tree wings for the holiday season

Make some space

Ensure the space selected is going to be clear of any heat sources or open flames as these can dry out the tree prematurely. A corner is a good place to house your new Christmas Tree as this position will keep the tree safe from your homes through traffic.

It is always best to select a Christmas Tree that in combination with the stand and the tree topper still leaves a reasonable amount of space. Selecting a tree size that leaves a minimum of 1 foot between the ceiling and the highest point on the tree will save you the hassle of cleaning a dirty ceiling, under decorating your tree or having to inconveniently re-locate it in the house at a later date by (Remember, doing all the hard work is what you have us for!!)

Handy hint: the average Melbourne ceiling height is 2.4 metres, so if yours is coming in at too much less than this you may need a second opinion reading the tape measure or you are officially (congratulations!) living in an Australian hobbit house!!

Extra info: Each tree will fit approx. 6 inches of the base into the Christmas Tree Stand so this will be factored in by “The Christmas Tree Shop” family when we are selecting your special tree