Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a fresh Christmas tree last?

A Christmas Tree is a living thing and will deteriorate with time but if you follow the care instructions as laid out in our blog your tree will last beyond Christmas Day. With proper care and the right conditions the tree will last over a month in your home. For maximum impact with your tree on Christmas Day it is best to have it delivered as close as possible to the big day itself!

How do I care for my Christmas tree?

We highly recommend reading our detailed blog post on how to care for your Christmas Tree.

When do you start delivering?

We start deliveries from the 22nd of November until the 13th of December. Each suburb of Melbourne has a designated delivery day each week and you will be able to select your preferred delivery date at checkout. If you opt to have your Christmas tree installed by us, you will also be able to select a specific time that we will deliver and install your tree.

What payment options do you provide?

We accept payment from major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard & AMEX) at checkout.

Can I pickup my Christmas tree?

The Christmas Tree Shop specialises in hassle free Christmas tree delivery so we are unable to offer customer collections at this time.

Does someone need to be in attendance when the tree is delivered?

If you have selected to have your tree installed, someone will need to be in attendance so that we can setup your Christmas tree in your home. If you haven’t selected to have your tree installed, we will leave your tree in the best secure and shaded spot we can find near your front or back door or according to your instructions provided at checkout. If you don’t wish to have your tree left unattended please ensure that someone will be at the delivery address on your selected delivery day.

What does the Christmas tree installation service consist of?

Christmas tree installation is the trimming of the trunk base, standing up of the tree into the stand inside of your house and initial watering of the Christmas tree. We can also assist with finding the most ideal spot for your tree to ensure longevity.

Where and when do I leave my tree for pickup / disposal?

If you have selected to have your tree disposed of after Christmas, you will need to leave it on your nature strip outside of your house for pickup. All Christmas tree pickups will be made on either January 5th 2018 or January 6th 2018 so please ensure your tree is left out before these dates.