Christmas for us is the time of year where family matters the most and the time spent with them is invaluable. Our commitment to this special “one-day-of-the-year” is one of the biggest motivators for our business to be involved and help families during the Christmas period.

From customer service, pre-booked delivery and tree selection a valued member of our team will provide the best experience possible when selecting your Christmas Tree from The Christmas Tree Shop. This is more than just a business to us; it’s a window into the world of each family we deliver to and how they celebrate their Christmas. Our passion and dedication to meet all expectations with our deliveries is as important as our love of Christmas and all things family!

Two things never change: the importance of family and the magic of Christmas. We have a unique opportunity through The Christmas Tree Shop to re-live this magical day of the year as the countdown for Christmas Eve begins. The excitement and wonder, the planning and preparation, the carols, visiting friends and traveling to see family are some of the most memorable moments. Our Christmas Tree’s play a starring role as the centre piece for the special day, as well as the pre-decorating traditions before the celebration itself.

So, let our family help your family for Christmas this year. And select the freshest, live, green Christmas Tree we can find to start the celebrations and begin the magic of the Christmas Season within your family home.